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A Green State of State Message on MLK Day

by Howie Hawkins New York Governor Cuomo’s State of the State address comes as we are celebrating Martin Luther King’s birthday. Unfortunately, half a century after the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, the dream of equality and prosperity for all remains unrealized. Income inequality in New York is the highest in the nation, with one-sixth of New Yorkers living below the poverty line. In upstate cities, more than half of all children live in poverty. New York has the most segregated housing and schools in the country, worse than Mississippi or Alabama. More than a million New Yorkers…

The Martin Luther King, Jr. You May Not Know

More than a Civil Rights Leader Dissident Voice by Brian J. Trautman January 20th, 2014 Most Americans know Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as one of the twentieth century’s most revered voices for racial equality, the charismatic leader of the American Civil Rights movement, who gave the famous “I Have A Dream“ speech. Perhaps they even know a thing or two about his role in the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Birmingham Campaign. This knowledge by and large derives from compulsory education and mainstream media. It is significantly less likely, however, that very many Americans know much at all,…

The Zimmerman Verdict

by Phil Huckelberry There’s a man free in Florida today. He’s a stupid man, a racist, a product of the culture which surrounds him, a culture which made him feel scared by a young black man and yet emboldened by a small black gun. If all of the people who are furious about one verdict would step back and redirect their energy toward confronting  the culture, we would all be better off. But it sure feels like that’s too hard. It’s a lot easier to decry racism generally without confronting one’s own tendencies. It’s a lot easier to “blame Florida” as though…

The Climate of Fear

by Jennifer Sullivan It’s never enough. The greed. The downplaying. The usual. Once again the climate of fear that the Twin Powers of Politics have created to play their on going “good cop bad cop” routine has reared it’s ugly head. Trayvon Martin shot in cold blood. Part of the reason that the Green Party exists is to decry this ongoing injustice! The story isn’t new. It goes back to when people were purchased, transported & sold out of Africa. It’s the Freedom Riders and the Emmett Till (brutally slaugtered for — gasp — maybe whistling at a white woman)….