On Trump’s Opposition to the Paris Climate Agreement

By Mark Dunlea Green Education and Legal Fund While COP21 is a flawed agreement, the refusal of the Trump administration to abide by even these limited goals locks us into catastrophic climate change. Congress should – but won’t – rise up and take legislative and oversight action to save the planet. It is up to average Americans to force elected officials to take effective and timely action on climate disruption. The path to a safer planet that creates jobs, improves health and strengthens local communities has long existed. The oil and gas barons use their enormous wealth to subvert the…

The Real Story of the Recount

Columbus Free Press by Bob Fitrakis January 4, 2017 Jill Stein’s multi-state presidential recount was unprecedented. The idea originated from a group of computer scientists represented by attorney John Bonifaz, who after analyzing the U.S. computerized voting system found it to be vulnerable to hacking and manipulation. Social scientists and statisticians deemed some of the 2016 election results to be improbable. Election integrity volunteers and attorneys stepped up to help sort it out. Jill Stein, Green Party presidential candidate, agreed to ask for recounts in three states: Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The donation page went online the afternoon before Thanksgiving….

Class Struggle Trumps Hate

Jacobin By Jon Flanders and Peter Lavenia In the fall of 2016, a group of chemical workers decided to go on strike. About seven hundred largely white and male members of IUE-CWA Local 81359, located in the small upstate town of Waterford, New York, suddenly drew attention from labor, the Left, and national media as the 2016 election came to a close. At a time when media attention had turned to the “forgotten” rural industrial workers whom both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump courted in the sagging small towns of the United States, the rowdy picketing and glowing burn barrels…

Bill Maher and the Corporate Democrats Need to Stop Scapegoating the Grassroots Resistance

Reader Supported News By Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman, May 8, 2017 Corporate Democrats and liberal commentators love to scapegoat the activist left for their catastrophic failures. The blame game just fell to a new low with Bill Maher’s latest attack on Jill Stein. Like Hillary branding Trump supporters as “deplorables,” Bill tells American grassroots activists to “go f*** yourselves with a locally grown organic cucumber.” Hillary says she was “on her way to victory” when FBI Director James Comey and “the Russians” intervened. Maher and others say Stein caused her defeat, as they blamed Ralph Nader for George W….

The Planet is Under Attack this Earth Day

How NY Can Resist Trump By Mark Dunlea, Green Education and Legal Fund On Earth Day, scientists and their supporters will be marching in DC and throughout the country to counter the anti-science climate change deniers who control the federal government and are gleefully seeking to destroy the EPA and bail out the fossil fuel industry. The need for action by state and local governments – and the leadership of grassroots activists – is more urgent than ever. The question for New Yorkers is “is the state doing enough?” The clear answer, sadly, is no. The state is moving in…