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On Statism, Socialism, Libertarianism, and the Greens

by Steve Welzer Green Party of New Jersey Undoubtedly, Greens, Libertarians, and socialists should cooperate in regard to our common effort to open up the electoral system to “more voices and more choices.” Beyond that, it is sometimes proposed that we jointly run candidates under the banner of “big tent” third party coalitions. Or we might hear entreaties from progressives who feel that it’s sectarian to have left-oriented electoralism split between socialists, social democrats, and Greens. The problem with these types of ideas is the fact that the ideological distinctions among the movements are more significant than is often acknowledged….

‘US accelerating in wrong direction’ – Jill Stein in exclusive interview

The Voice of Russia January 19, 2013 Just days away from the inauguration of President Barack Obama, Capitol Affairs takes a look with the help of Jill Stein, former presidential candidate for the Green Party, at the state of politics, the state of the country and what the re-election of Obama means for the country. The entire interview will be aired on Monday, inauguration day, but here is the first part. Dr. Jill Stein is a Doctor of Internal Medicine having obtained her degree from Harvard Medical School. She is the member of the Green Party and ran for a…

‘No Impact Man’ Runs for Office

The Atlantic by Colin Beavan November 16, 2012 My unlikely course in activist politicking started with a May call from a member of the executive committee of the Green Party of New York State. The call came, I understood, because of the notoriety of my very-publicly performed 2007 experiment in extreme environmental living in the middle of Manhattan. The project had been intended to question and look for alternatives to the typical American’s consumption-based way of life. It was also a vehicle to help bring broader public attention to the range of our environmental crises — from ocean depletion to…

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People have the power to make necessary changes

Move To Amend by Andy Douglas November 12, 2012 A few weeks ago I attended a conference on Economic Democracy in Madison. It’s a subject I consider intensely important — everyday people’s control over their own economic destiny. The conference inspired, informed and provoked, and I wanted to share some highlights. Keynote speaker John Nichols, correspondent for The Nation and CNBC commentator, called economic democracy the great moral struggle of America. It goes back to the founding stages of our country (when only 4 percent of the population could vote). The founders knew slavery was a sin, he said, but…