Renewables, not nuclear power, are the way forward

by David McCorquodale On March 26, The News Journal chose to print a pro-nuclear power opinion piece by Gwyneth Cravens, a romance novelist and editor who was once an anti-nuclear activist. She somehow “saw the light” and is now in favor of nuclear power — apparently because she thinks it’s “better” than burning fossil fuels. The fact that she gets a good income from making pro-nuclear power speeches to receptive audiences and from writing articles for media conglomerates who want to minimize public trepidation about nuclear energy might have a bit to do with her positive outlook. Let’s be clear…

Beyond Fossil Fuels

In his State of the Union speech on January 25, 2011, the President of the U.S. has understandably and rightfully focused on the issue of jobs. But he is not listening to the right people. Not only do we need to snuff out the attitudes and actions on Wall Street and elsewhere that led to the economic crisis in the fall of 2009 but we need to be looking ahead instead of remaining mired in the past when it comes to energy. President Obama has given every indication that he supports the continued use of fossil fuels in the U.S….