Rhode Island

No government financing for sports stadiums

By the Rhode Island Green Party Recently the Pawtucket Red Sox, the Triple-A field team for the Boston club, have come forward yet again with a proposal for taxpayers to finance the construction of a new stadium. Two years ago the team was arguing for the same thing but at a site located in Providence. Here we are going to syndicate the analysis of longtime Green Greg Gerritt, who was deeply involved in the opposition two years ago. If you take a good hard look at where the RI economy is going, we are in a very low growth phase….

Why Composting is critical to our future

Prosperity For Rhode Island by Greg Gerritt Prepared remarks for a Conference sponsored by the Rhode Island Socicety of Environmental Professionals held at the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation’s facility in Johnston, Rhode Island. Climate change is the existential crisis of our time. The removal of organics from our landfill stream is one of our key strategies for reducing the production of greenhouse gases, especially methane, and provides a new resource for one of the few industries in RI that is expanding, agriculture. Like solar energy, compost is an idea whose time is finally coming. We could have adopted both…