The Orange haired Flip Flopper

Prosperity for Rhode Island
By Greg Gerritt, member of the Green Party of Rhode Island
April 14, 2017

The headlines the other morning were that President Toxic Dump is starting to do big flip flops now that he is President. From buddies with Putin to strong foes, from cracking down on China to cozying up, from staying out of Syria to bombs and boots on the ground amid aircraft carriers going to North Korea. Wall, No Wall and dismantling health care before or after tax deform. Putting the Nazi sympathizer Steve Bannon on the NSC, then taking him off.

The whole sordid affair points out the incompetence of President Toxic Dump and the cluelessness he brings to the office, But even more it shows that an unprincipled outsider can be captured by the Washington DC swamp even as he claims to be draining it. Just about every position and action Toxic Dump has flipped or flopped to is the exact same position that the last few presidents have ended up at. On some level one might think, ah, he is getting a clue, but the reality is that the policies all of the presidents have subscribed to over the last 30 years have been an unmitigated disaster for everyone in the US and for everyone on the planet, except the 1%. So as totally expected, President Toxic Dump’s true colors are a party for the 1% and pissing on everyone else. He has joined the establishment, and the easiest way to tell is that as soon as things go wrong, he starts dropping bombs on those he declares an enemy of people or whatever else he wants to call them, though the usual name is people fighting to protect their communities from the craziness of the American War Machine.

General Eisenhower, upon retiring from the White House, warned us about demagogues like President Toxic Dump, but we all know that demagoguery wins in troubled times. The 1% have so thoroughly looted America that the hard times and insecurity have left people looking for a demagogues to make them feel good. And demagogues kill people. Especially demagogues with a huge and totally out of control, military machine that is designed primarily to stuff huge wads of cash into a very few well placed hands, while undermining democracy and convincing governments around the world to buy more guns and use them on people who demand justice and healthy communities.

I tend to use the term Potomac Fever to describe the feeling in Washington DC that American governments are free to kill everyone around the world with impunity and disregard all normal international standards of conduct, in other words it is the only disease that only kills those who do not have it. I have a friend who tells me my definition is wrong, but we clearly need a shorthand way to describe the feeling that Americans are allowed to kill for world domination while pretending we are a peaceful democracy loving country that really honors the words on the statute of Liberty. One pretty much has to go to Washington DC to find people truly committed to such a stupid idea, an idea no normal human being would call sane or in tune with the values American claims to support.

Toxic Dump’s flip flops show that within 3 months what little attention span the orange haired blowhard has is now going to be directed to killing for the next 4 years to cover up the inability to achieve either peace or prosperity, and the damage his administration will do globally on the issues of climate. The Chamber of Commerce is celebrating , they have a president who will let them steal anything. But no one else in America asked for an administration that would so readily deny facts and prepare the way for poisoning your kids. And use bombing runs to cover up the bad headlines just like every other president.

Yup, President Toxic Dump has flip flopped. As expected he lasted a couple of months as an outsider, though one with no clue, and now has found his way to the levers that will be used just like all the other insiders, to the ever lasting detriment of life on earth.