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Scalia (RIP) An Unoriginal Originalist

by Asa Gordon George Mason University leaders have renamed their law school the Antonin Scalia School of Law, officially establishing a law school for ASSOLs in exchange for receiving $30 million in gifts. George Mason’s ASSOL Board of Visitors mistakingly honor the late U.S. Supreme Court justice as the father of ORIGINALISM, whereas history establishes that he is in fact an unoriginal stepchild in the advocacy of the idea of originalism. ORIGINALISM purports to ascertain the original intent of the original authors of the Constitution in order to determine the correct interpretation and meaning of the text of the Constitution….

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Questions For A Neo-Confederate Justice?

Questions For A Neo-Confederate Justice? An Exposé of Legal Darwinism and Neo-Redemptionist Federalism by Asa Gordon* For Senators who will follow Justice Clarence Thomas’ lead and establish that the President has kept his word, the reason to reject his nominee is a given. President Bush made a campaign promise to nominate a justice in the tradition of conservative Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas. The August 4, 2002 issue of The Washington Post Magazine reports in the article “Supreme Discomfort” that Ken Masugi, one of Thomas’ aides at the EEOC in the ’80s, spent many hours discussing ideas and ideology…

Supreme Court legitimizes an already corrupt system

Supreme Court legitimizes an already corrupt system by Lynne Williams This decision doesn’t make a dramatic change in our political system because corporations already control the political debate in this country.  It further legitimizes an already corrupt system by allowing corporations to spend shareholder and customer money on direct political attempts to influence voting. Corporations and unions will no longer have to hide behind the “Call senator xyz and tell her you don’t want government healthcare.” Now corporations will be able to simply say, “Vote for senator xyz because she supports the insurance companies.” The big danger here is how…