Don’t mourn, organize

Revolutionary Greens Socialism – Adelante!


Some post election/circus/media spectacle thoughts:

Steady as she goes. The veil is off. That is all… “Trumpismo” was just not supposed to be directly executed by Trump, in our faces. It was supposed to be much more subtly executed by Hillary…sotto voce

Nothing has changed for us and our Bottom and to the Left party building directives. Either way, the gloves were going to have to come off and we were going to have to finally learn how to swing against Empire for real, no matter what. We will continue to do our revolutionary duty and protect and defend our communities in the front lines of the struggle* against the same mighty enemy, but now without the cover of any possible liberal, smoke-screen delusions.

The Jig is up. Socialismo o Muerte has always been the motto for millions of revolutionaries. Now it will be a factual life and death reality for millions of average working class human beings. The path towards political self-reliability, revolutionary party building, deep resistance and collective self defense in our struggle, will be difficult and will be painful, but it should be embraced and welcomed as an opportunity. They just dug their own grave. Empire is doomed…We will prevail.

Adrian Boutureira

* Our most vulnerable communities were already in the targets of Empire long before Trump had at least the honesty to own it. Again, this just means we will have to finally become self-sufficient in our collective protection now, as we should have always been. We will have to brake the shackles of the over reliance we’ve allowed to take hold on the illusion of “the protection” of liberal imperialism.