Why Trump AND Clinton are both wrong

By Terry Connolly

There is no imminent fascist takeover of the government, in fact, the Republican presidential candidate probably isn’t going to win the election. That doesn’t stop Hillary and the Democrats from trying to scare you into voting for her. Recently, even though the polls indicate a Hillary victory in November, the Clintonistas have continued and even increased their attacks on Jill Stein. The attacks on Jill aren’t just from the blogosphere and the professional media, but include Democratic politicians, including the president. They range from vitriolic screeds to rhetorical hyperbole. The rationalizations for voting for her are somewhat different, but the reasons are all the same: “You MUST not let this demagogue become president and voting for Hillary is the only way to stop him.” “There is no choice, it’s either Hillary or Trump”. You really don’t have any voice in the matter, because Hillary and the Democrats have said so. The only people who don’t accept this logic are treated as pariahs or petulant children who just won’t follow the program.

Global warming is a major issue (maybe THE major issue) and it scarcely gets mentioned by Hillary, while Trump thinks it’s a plot invented by the Chinese. The biggest reason for global warming is greenhouse gas emissions. As the EPA has pointed out, this hasn’t decreased since 1992. Hillary likes to claim her time as first lady as part of her experience, but emissions increased during the Clinton presidency. She was a senator for the next six years and promoted offshore drilling (which she now opposes). During her tenure as Secretary of State, she promoted fracking. Even with her record and her many contributions from gas and oil companies, Hillary still likes to claim she is concerned with the environment. After all, she claims to want to reduce oil consumption.

If you’re concerned with the buildup of nuclear arms, the cavalier way they’re treated by the government and presidential candidates, or their future use: that’s too bad, because Trump and Hillary really aren’t worried, so why should you be? Unless you’re one of those petulant children. The Obama administration has announced plans to upgrade the US nuclear weapons and the only thing Hillary can say is: “I’m going to look into that.”

Trump want to bomb the shit out of ISIS. Hillary, however, has a much more nuanced approach. She wants a no-fly zone in Syria. ISIS has no air force. Syria and their ally, Russia do. Is placing the US into direct conflict with a nuclear power an intelligent thing to do? Is it wise? Just when was the US made the cops of the world to decide what other sovereign nations do within their borders?

Trump and Hillary are nothing but the major candidates of a two-party duopoly that rules the countrry. Jill Stein represents a big change from this duopoly, in that her programs focus on equality and survival of the species, not corporate welfare, excessive militarization and the spread US hegemony throughout the world. She has proposed a “Green New Deal” that moves past the duopoly rhetoric towards a sustainable future for the planet and the people living on it. It’s time to end duopoly rule and fix the priorities of a broken government. Forget about the lesser evil and vote like your lives depend on it, because they do. Vote for Jill Stein!