New Jersey

We need a new Christ to counter Trump’s evil By Rev Seth Kaper-Dale December 12, 2017 It’s Christmas time. Tis the season for Christians to remember the birth of the Christ. But it’s more than that. It’s the time of year when Christians remember that Caesar Augustus and King Herod thought they were powerful, and put the entire occupied population on the move for a census that served their needs. Instead, God had other plans. That selfish and unnecessary census, carried out for either financial purposes or possibly as a way to take a census for military recruiting purposes, led desperately poor people to travel to and fro….

Notes on a Green Gubernatorial Campaign

Grounded in a ‘Last Are First’ Worldview By Seth Kaper-Dale (adapted from an article appearing in the Summer/Fall 2017 issue of Green Horizon Magazine) I’m running for Governor of New Jersey on the Green Party ticket and I’m running to win. Here’s my story. My wife and I have been co-pastors of a church in Highland Park, NJ since 2001. When we arrived, our church had 35 members. Today it has grown to approximately 500 congregants. We have also gone from being a primarily white congregation to being a congregation that has over 50 nationalities represented through first generation immigrants…