Donald Trump

Socialists and the 2020 Election

Solidarity By Linda Thompson and Steve Bloom January/February 2020 issue PROSPECTS FOR SOCIALISM are off in the future. The 2020 presidential election is here and now, and confronts us with a right-wing menace unlike any that has been faced before. When asked what our goals are in the 2020 elections the majority of left activists in the USA will say: “to defeat Donald Trump.” Many are even more specific: “We are Bernie or Bust.” If we are honest with ourselves, however, we must acknowledge that many of these will also end up urging people to vote for the eventual Democratic…

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Ralph Nader: Democrats have no excuse for dealing with Trump

Truthdig By Ralph Nader December 23, 2019 While attention was focused on the House of Representatives’ impeachment of Donald J. Trump, legislators from both parties were secretly huddling with White House aides to seal a $1.4 trillion budget deal to fund the government until next September. They were rushing to do this to avoid a partial government shutdown starting December 21, 2019. Had the budget been deliberated in open Congressional hearings, the media would have reported on this backroom deal and the people of this country would have had a chance to weigh in during the proceedings. Instead, a degraded…

End of the year observations

Prosperity for Rhode Island By Greg Gerritt December 27, 2018 It would be very easy to be depressed about the state of the world as we move from 2018 to 2019 with racism, authoritarianism, growing inequality, an increase in refugees from war and climate change, rising carbon emissions, ever faster deforestation, empty seas, loss of biodiversity, more nuclear weapons in the pipeline, the trampling of communities in pursuit of profit, democracy in retreat, and the hottest La Nina year in history, but it has to be balanced with the UN laughing at Trump, a repudiation in the mid term elections,…

We need a new Christ to counter Trump’s evil By Rev Seth Kaper-Dale December 12, 2017 It’s Christmas time. Tis the season for Christians to remember the birth of the Christ. But it’s more than that. It’s the time of year when Christians remember that Caesar Augustus and King Herod thought they were powerful, and put the entire occupied population on the move for a census that served their needs. Instead, God had other plans. That selfish and unnecessary census, carried out for either financial purposes or possibly as a way to take a census for military recruiting purposes, led desperately poor people to travel to and fro….

Bill Maher and the Corporate Democrats Need to Stop Scapegoating the Grassroots Resistance

Reader Supported News By Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman, May 8, 2017 Corporate Democrats and liberal commentators love to scapegoat the activist left for their catastrophic failures. The blame game just fell to a new low with Bill Maher’s latest attack on Jill Stein. Like Hillary branding Trump supporters as “deplorables,” Bill tells American grassroots activists to “go f*** yourselves with a locally grown organic cucumber.” Hillary says she was “on her way to victory” when FBI Director James Comey and “the Russians” intervened. Maher and others say Stein caused her defeat, as they blamed Ralph Nader for George W….