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Meet Jill Stein, the Other Anti-Establishment Progressive Running for President

GQ By Rebecca Nelson May 26, 2016 The Green Party candidate rails against corporations and Wall Street. She has a habit of getting arrested—three times in the last election alone. She also happens to be the plan B for a few progressive voters if this whole Bernie thing doesn’t work out. But who is Dr. Stein, really? Four years ago, when Jill Stein was the Green Party’s candidate for president, she wasn’t onstage trading barbs with President Obama and Mitt Romney during the second debate at Long Island’s Hofstra University. She was outside, in the street, with an American flag…

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Green Party could be election spoiler

The Hill By Niall Stanage May 25, 2016 The Green Party suddenly has a chance to make an impact in the presidential election, with polls showing that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are set to be the most unpopular nominees in modern times. The possibility of disaffected liberals going to a third-party candidate sends a shiver through Democrats — especially those with memories of the 2000 presidential election — even as it delights the Greens and their likely nominee, Jill Stein. In 2000, votes cast for Green Party nominee Ralph Nader may have swung the outcome of the election to…