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False Debate Tonight on CNN

The Front Page On-line, Culver City, CA By Michael Feinstein March 21, 2016 If the presidential campaign has shown us anything, it is that traditional political lines are blurred if not irrelevant. That should tell us something about which voices we should be hearing in presidential debates and forums, and concurrently, how we should be rethinking the role of political parties and electoral systems in this country. The George Wallace-style, white nationalist populism of the Donald Trump campaign has little in common with the Wall Street/big business faction of the Republican party. The social democracy promoted by Bernie Sanders has…

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Result of Third-Party Lawsuit Could Decide Outcome of 2016 Election

Breitbart By Jason Scheurer March 7, 2016 A lawsuit filed on September 26, 2015 in Washington D.C. (and its eventual outcome) may turn out to be the most important event of the 2016 presidential election. Virtually ignored by all but a handful of alternative media outlets, this suit has the power to destroy the existing political power structure ─ much like the ridesharing firms, Uber and Lyft, threaten the antiquated taxi industry. If successful, it will permanently expand the number of candidates on the debate stage during the general election by proving that the Commission on Presidential Debates is in…

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Debunked: The Myth That Ralph Nader Cost Al Gore the 2000 Election

disinfo By Good German November 2, 2010 Editor’s Note: While this article is from 2010, it’s well worth another read in 2016 Matthew Jones of USC’s Political Science Department says: It’s really difficult to make the argument that Ralph Nader cost Al Gore the 2000 election, for multiple reasons. There were only 560 votes separating George Bush from Al Gore. That’s essentially within every margin of error, which when it gets within the margin of error, means that there’s too many other factors that could have affected it to say with any confidence what caused Al Gore to lose and…

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Greens can’t abandon our battleground

Socialist Worker By Asher Platts February 24, 2016 Asher Platts, a Green Party candidate for state Senate in Maine in 2012 and 2014, provides this response to the call for Greens to participate in the Democratic primaries in support of Bernie Sanders–and makes the case for what the left should be doing instead. MANY PEOPLE are calling for Green Party members to abandon our posts within our party in order to caucus or vote for Bernie Sanders in the upcoming Democratic Party primary contests. To do so would be incredibly irresponsible. Sanders is just the latest in a long line…

Political Revolution and the Third-Party Imperative

OdEd News By Scott McClarty February 3, 2016 “You’ve had your fun with Bernie. Now it’s time to get serious and support Hillary.” That’s the harangue Bernie Sanders’ supporters have been hearing from mainstream bsmocratic Party leaders and their apologists in the media. It’s bound to intensify in the wake of the virtual tie in the Iowa caucuses on February 1 and his projected win in the New Hampshire primary contest. When Dem leaders look at Mr. Sanders, they shudder over the prospect of a repeat of George McGovern’s crushing loss to Richard Nixon. Like Mr. McGovern in 1972, Mr….